The deadliest weapon ever was invented over a century ago by a genius equal to Einstein

It's more powerful than a nuclear blast and more lethal than all biochemical weapons... so dangerous that the U.S. government seized its plans and buried them in a vault in 1943.

Until now.

The most sinister organization in history has stolen the plans to rebuild it 

The Rebirth Alliance will use the weapon to defeat the free world. Francis Montagnet, a former undercover agent, and doctor Varenka Ulyanova, race to stop the Rebirth Alliance across two continents before this destructive device becomes operational.

Will the daring Francis Montagnet and the brilliant doctor Varenka stop the Rebirth Alliance from firing the weapon and annihilating millions of people?

"Just like James Bond, everything serves the action and the storyline."
Joe Ottinger, TSS

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